Church Council & Committees

The Council receives, makes and co-ordinates recommendations to the congregation on the reports, plans and requirements of the various Board committees, groups and organizations. The Council is also the Planning Committee, and is responsible for planning and co-ordinating congregational programs and approving the annual operating budget for presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

Council Positions 

Senior Officer: Roger Rowan

Secretary: Nina Morris 

Treasurer: Peter Salloum 

Ministry & Personnel: Rod Malcolm

Deputy Chair, Board of Trustees: Chris Pinnington

Nominating: Bob Edmison

Members at Large: David Edmison, Tim Fallis, Robert Weston, Richard Wozenilek, Rosemary McLeese


Committtees provide the working plans and direction for the Church Council to consider. Committees are filled with members and adherents who wish to provide their time and expertise to build the TEMC community.


Christian Development and Education

Ministry with Children
Allison Samoluk

Ministry with Youth
Chair: Robert Keith 

The Ministry with Youth Committee provides, in support of the Director of Youth Ministries, creation and oversight for annual youth programming (grade 7 to post university) to allow youth to have and provide active involvement in the church community. 

Ministry with Adults
Chair: Bill Melvin

Membership and Integration
Chair: Michelle Cutts
This committee leads within the church community in reaching people and encouraging them to become active and committed servants of Christ. It has the primary responsibility of planning for and acting as catalysts for growth in church participation and membership.

Chair: Cindy Hanson
This committees mandate is to provide outreach through the application of human, financial and/or material resources as an ectension of the work of the church. 

Pastoral Care

Chair: Nina Morris

The Pastor Care committee is responsible for the relationship and communication between the church and its members. 

United Church Women Board of Directors
The UCW Board of Directors' mandate is to unite all the women of the congregation in the total mission of the church, and to provide a medium through which they can express their loyalty to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service. 

Sanctuary Guild

Chair: Danielle Reesor

The Guild is responsible for the preparation of the Sanctuary, chancel, and chapels for services, communions, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. And for the care of vestments, linens, vessels, and other worship related furnishings.  

Worship and Music

Chair: Elizabeth Greenshields 

Worship and Music represents the congregation in all issues related to worship and music. 

Budget and Audit

Chair: Peter Salloum

Budget and Audit is responsible for preparing the annual operating budget and presenting it to the Council for approval, as well as overseeing ongoing audits and other management controls over the operating finances of the congregation. 

Ministry and Personnel 

Chair: Rod Malcolm

This committee has overall responsibility for all ministry, personnel, and continuing education functions related to staffing and for fostering the relationships between the staff and the congregation.

Property Committee

Chair: Colin Graham

Property ensures that the staff and congregation have suitable facilities to enact our congregations covenant.

Stewardship, Mission & Service Accommodations 

Chair: Ian Hull

This committee is responsible for helping to generate the donation and facility revenue necessary to underwrite the church's programs, such as worship and pastoral care, Crhistian education and outreach, and to contribute our share to the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada.

Board of Trustees

Chair: The Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling (Honourary)
Deputy Chair: Chris Pinnington

The Board of Trustees is formed and acts in accordance with the terms of Model Trust Deed of the United Church of Canada.

Ex-Officio Members

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling, Robert Edmison, Peter Salloum