Motivations Behind Giving

The Motivations Behind Giving to Charity - Getting That “Warm Glow”

Why do people give to charity? It is likely that a combination of factors affect decisions surrounding charitable donations. While the prevailing motivation is likely to support those in need, people received a “warm glow” feeling from helping others, providing an internal benefit to the donor.


Regardless of your motivation, a donation to TEMC definitely results in a positive impact in the community such as feeding hungry families, providing shelter to the homeless, protecting abused women in need, volunteering your time  by joining a committee or working at our reception desk; participating in our annual nativity pageant - both on stage and behind the scenes; baking, packing and delivering cookies to the homebound at Christmas time and so much more. There really is something for everyone.


Did you know that factors to influence individuals’ charitable habits are when people give, others are more likely to give as well. The act is contagious as actions taken by peers, as opposed to strangers. Others are also likey to give when charitable pleas feature a narrative, such as, an individual’s personal story. Source: a British think tanks recently published study “A Warm Glow In The After Life? The Determinants of Charitable Bequests”, which looked at the behavioural science behind charitable donations.


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