Volunteer Programs


In response to the devastation and human displacement that is so present in all of our minds these days, TEMC has formed a Refugee Support Committee. The Committee intends to sponsor a family in great need to bring them into the safety of our community and help them start afresh. To this end, a special TEMC fund has been set up for those who wish to give to refugee relief and sponsorship. Read more.

The Committee is particularly mindful of the plight of Syrian Coptic Christians and will endeavour to help a family from this community. If you are interested in lending time and expertise to this endeavour, we would love to add you to our list of potential volunteers. Please provide your name and contact details to the Volunteer Office, (416) 925-5977, including an indication of how you might wish to help. Thank you.



Our Ministry of hospitality, supported by two rotating teams of church members, is the first contact that many people have with our Church. This program looks for reliable, conscientious, energetic, caring and dedicated people to serve. This is one of our largest volunteer programs, offering many opportuities for leadership, service and hospitality.

Greeters serve once a month at either the early or late service and we meet informally as the need arises.

Ushers serve a minimum of once every couple weeks, or may be assigned to a floater team for special events such as funeral services. Individual teams meet and organize briefly before serving; the entire Ushers and Greeters corps will be starting to arrange meetings to be held once or twice a year for training purposes. An Ushers meeting is held annually or as needed and will be open to all who would like to learn about the group's role within TEMC. 

We welcome anyone who would like to join our team!

For more information: Volunteer Office, (416) 925-5977 



El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza, meaning “The Home of Love and Hope”
This home and school for orphaned and extremely poor Honduran children lives up to its name, and more.

El Hogar lifts children away from lives of poverty and suffering and offers them love, hope, and the promise of a better life. Read more.




We are looking for volunteers to take eye glasses to CNIB.

For further details: Lenore Bennett in the Volunteer Office, (416) 925-5977



Specially trained lay visitors call regularly on members and adherents with special needs, such as seniors who are homebound or in a care setting. Volunteers for this important program are always welcome.

For more information:
The Rev. Chris Miller, Minister of Pastoral Care / chrismiller
@temc.ca -- (416) 925-8494, ext. 247 



The reception area, known as the Volunteer Office, is located just inside the 230 St. Clair entrance to the church. Volunteers are available to assist you Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Sunday mornings. You may drop off or pick up items, purchase or reserve event tickets or call with inquiries.




This ecumenical outreach program is sponsored by the Churches on-the-Hill, a partnership of nine Christian churches in the Forest Hill area, including TEMC. 

This is an Emergency Food Program to supply groceries to a target household who face regular but generally short-term hunger. In 2014 some $88,000 was provided by our sponsoring churches, their congregations and individual donors and was spent on food and supplies for our clients. In addition to monetary donations, over 130 individuals contribute their time and talent on a strictly volunteer basis and one representative from each of the Churches on-the-Hill to serve on the Board of Directors.

This food bank is a regional agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank and operates as an emergency resource. About 30% of the food distributed is delivered from the Daily Bread Food Bank. Approximately 15% is contributed by local food drives, church collection baskets and food donations from our supporters and the remaining 55% is purchased.

Volunteers are needed:

  • Tuesday & Thursday mornings: receive, repackage, sort, stock along with any other aspects of operations management.
  • Mondays 6 - 8 p.m., Wednesdays 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m to help clients when the food bank is open.

Each month a type of food is suggested by the Food Bank and is communicated via TEMC’s Order of Service, website and Facebook page. For your convenience, donations can be left at the back of the nave in designated bins at TEMC. Your support is appreciated!

For more informationSue Staples, Foodbank Volunteer Coordinator at (647) 470-2565 or visit www.cothfoodbank.ca

Source: Churches On-The-Hill Food Bank Fact Sheet, October 2017


TEMC is committed to assisting in this hot meal service for shut-ins and the elderly by providing cars, drivers and tray-carriers.

We need volunteers at noon five times between February and June in the Parkdale area. In TEMC's neighbourhood, other TEMC volunteers deliver meals once a week throughout the year. For more information:

For the area near TEMC
Robin Whitelaw, (416) 421-8286 

Source:  View a Meals on Wheels Delivery, YP Meals on Wheels



There are many volunteer opportunities at Timothy Eaton, from offering professional advice, to stuffing envelopes or baking cookies.

For more information contact: 
Nancy Shepherd / nancyshepherd@temc.ca -- (416) 925-8494, ext. 237
Jaclyn Didiano / jaclyndidiano@temc.ca -- 
(416) 925-8494, ext. 223