Soul Movers Group

When: Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
Where: TEMC, Allan Beattie Room (107)
Group leaders: Rev. Lori Hill and speed group leaders.
Surround yourself with supportive friends to strengthen both body and soul! We will gather in the Allan Beattie Room, then at 5:30 sharp we will share a motivational scripture passage, split into speed groups (walkers, leisurely runners, faster runners), and head out to the streets. We meet back at the church afterwards for a stretch, some water, and a closing time of prayer.
Be safe! Please dress for the weather, wear lights or reflective clothing, and be attentive to cars, cyclists and pedestrians on the roads and sidewalks!
Please consult your doctor before undertaking any new exercise program!
For more info: Rev. Lori Hill – / (416) 925-8494, ext. 222