Faith 150 – Millennial Summit Legacy Book

"Bringing together 75 dynamic millennials of faith, joined together from coast to coast, delegates addressed the role of faith in public life, the true role of pluralism, and the importance of religious freedom in light of the 150th anniversary of confederation." 

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling participated and contributed at this significant event as a Cabinet of Canadians Member. He, along with Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, chaired a discussion surrounding the question, "Can faith truly be public?" Participants dug deeper, being asked, "Do millennials have a different understanding of private and public faith?” and, “How do we address faith on the fringes, such as extremism and how it enters the public space?”

Read this invaluable resource below to further your understanding of faith's role in society and how significant it is not only for society as a whole, but its ability to impact generations of today and the ones to come.