Choir School

The Choir School is thriving under the leadership of Ms. Elaine Choi, the Director of Music at TEMC and Ms. Edmee Nataprawira, the assistant conductor. Using a perfect mix of faith, fun, and musical education, children are engaged in learning as they develop vocal technique, aural skills, and music literacy. In addition to weekly rehearsals, there are always opportunities to perform.


  • Develop young musical talent
  • Provide singing opportunities
  • Offer one-on-one tutoring options
  • Provide a faith-based environment
  • Keep the fun in learning music
  • Develop lasting friendships


Rehearsals are held in the Ouchterlony Room at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. 

  • Grade 4 & Younger: 5:30 - 6:30 PM 
  • Grade 4 & Up: 5:30 - 7:00 PM 
  • Voices Unite: 7:00 - 7:30 PM


The TEMC Choir School is open to all youth ages 5 to 18. Younger children may join the Choir School with permission from both Ms. Edmee and Ms. Elaine. The most important prerequisite is the child’s enthusiasm for singing and a positive attitude towards teamwork. In addition, the family must accept a commitment to attend weekly rehearsals, prepare for performances and practice for lessons. Parents need to support their child in these areas, especially younger children to ensure a rewarding experience, especially if the child is young.

The Choir School offers two options: 

  • Choir only
  • Choir + Music Instruction with Tutor (click here for more information on our tutoring team) 

TEMC Choir School tutors are highly educated professional musicians who are experienced and skilled teachers. Students are taught in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Students who practice regularly show substantial progress in music skills and music appreciation.

Some students, in collaboration with their tutors, choose to enroll and prepare for RCM exams. Students are evaluated once a year, and all students (with the recommendation of their tutor) have the opportunity to audition to showcase their hard work at our annual spring choir concert.

All new choristers and their families may meet with the Music Director to discuss desired tutoring and get a sense of the chorister’s skill level. Consult Ms. Elaine Choi for a private assessment.

Please contact Elaine Choi for more information: // (416) 925-8494, ext. 227



TEMC Top to Bottom! - A new ensemble for young male changing voices.

This group of young men gather once a week to sing music tailored to them while learning about their voices — how best to use them and maintain good vocal hygiene. Singing with other male voices provides singers the opportunity to find their voice and fit into a choral setting. Top to Bottom is a safe community where young men can continue their choral education and grow as individuals.



TEMC Choir School is a family and faith-based organization that provides the best possible environment to grow young voices.

Parents tell us they see a positive transformation in their children from attending the TEMC Choir School, whether it is more confidence, improved vocals or being excited to go to Choir School every week! 



Between September and May, choristers perform in a number of Sunday services, including Remembrance Sunday, Easter, and Blessing of the Pets. The Choir School also performs in informal occasions like the Chili Lunch and Pancake Tuesday, as well as in our annual spring Sing Out concert and the Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto.

Other events see the choir sing with the Silver Weston Band and North York Salvation Temple Band. They have also gone Christmas caroling in Forest Hill, sang at a wedding ceremony in Appleby College, and participated in the Metropolitan Choristers’ Festival in London, Ontario. Of course, many of our choristers choose to perform (for nearly 3000 audience members) in the annual Christmas Pageant at TEMC as part of a cast of a hundred -- including a real camel, donkey, and a couple of goats! 





The Choir School Awards recognize significant contributions to the spirit of the team by members of the Choir School. These awards highlight the extra energy and commitment that individuals bring to the life of the choir. Nominations may be proposed by any member of the choir community. Five individuals are selected by a committee comprised of the Director of Music, the Assistant Conductor, the vocal tutors, and the Chair of the Parent’s Executive. 


We continue to build on Dr. Ouchterlony’s vision by bringing together top musical talent to support the children and by combining a comprehensive program that includes exposure to various choral work, instruction in reading music and developing aural skills, and opportunities to perform. We nurture each child’s growth as a musician and as an individual. The result is enrichment to each child’s skills, lasting friendships, and a life-long passion for music.


The 2012/2013 and 2014/2015 season saw the Choir School achieve the Gold Award at the Kiwanis Music Festival.

On March 3rd, 2015, the TEMC Choir School participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival and performed two sets of music at Grace-Church-On the Hill. The adjudicators were very pleased with our performances and were especially impressed by the beautiful tone and vocal diction that both our Cherub Choir and our Main Choir displayed. We received two Gold Awards in the Junior Religious Choirs category: Age 10 & Under and Age 16 & Under.

This year, on March 1st, 2016, the Choir School returned to the Kiwanis Music Festival. Despite concern of very unstable winter weather, the Choir School (under the leadership of Elaine Choi) remained dedicated. Such dedication was rewarded as the Choir School earned two Gold Awards in the Age 10 & under and Age 16 & Under classes within the Junior Religious Choir category. This makes it two years in a row that the Choir School achieved this feat. 

We are very proud of our young choristers! 


    “Thank you to all the parents and the congregation for your support. Bravo!”

                                                                         – Elaine Choi, Director of Music

                                               // (416) 925-8494, ext. 227