Endowment Fund

Dr. Ouchterlony’s desire was for the Choir School program to continue to flourish as a nurturing and educating institution. Therefore he created The David Ouchterlony Choir School Endowment Fund which has been the primary sustaining source for the program. It is supplemented with numerous financial donations to cover expenditures such as musical staff honoraria, annual awards to choir members, piano tuning, gown maintenance and social events.

Additional contributions are required in order to support our growing ranks and develop new enrichment initiatives. We invite you to become a supporter of the Endowment Fund. Choir School parents as well as members of the congregation have made their tax-deductible contributions to the Fund through annual installments, lump-sum contributions or in a variety of other ways fitting their particular circumstances.

Please contact the TEMC Choir School Chair or Treasurer to make your contribution or to discuss arrangements for a bequest. Your investment in the musical future of our church and community will repay enormous dividends for not only the singers in the choir, but also the congregation as a whole.


Junior Choir has been part of the TEMC community since the early 1930’s and in 1976, TEMC’s long serving Organist and Choirmaster Dr. David Ouchterlony introduced the “TEMC Choir School.” His vision was modeled after the English Cathedral Choir School as these schools were commonly linked to a major city Cathedral and held daily sung services with rigorous academic routines. With the spirit to encourage a lifelong joy of music and singing, everyday rehearsals were also expected in anticipation to develop high standards of musicianship within the choir’s ranks.

Dr. Ouchterlony led the Choir School to a number of successful tours such as summer residencies in England at Salisbury Cathedral. In more recent times, the TEMC Choir School has toured through Ontario giving concerts, participating in workshops, and singing at worship services in other churches.

Many alumni of this period still sing at TEMC or in other churches and communities. A number even perform professionally and some are parents of a new generation of children singing in this remarkable choir.