Executive Committee

Joining the Choir Executive Committee is an excellent way to play a vital role in maintaining the smooth operation of the TEMC Choir School and to be part of this rich tradition. Anyone is welcome to join the Executive Committee. The Choir School also holds positions held by Church and Choir School Staff such as the Music Director, Music Program Coordinator and Ministerial and Tutor Representatives.

The purpose of the Choir Executive Committee is to:

  • Ensure all programs, activities, and policies related to the Choir School align with the Choir School’s vision as well as TEMC’s governing policies
  • Support the Director of Music by offering input and guidance on matters related to the operation of the Choir School
  • Administer the David Ouchterlony Endowment Fund in a responsible manner with a primary focus on providing music tutoring to member choristers
  • Engage families of the Choir School in volunteerism, to support Choir School activities and other activities within the church

Positions held by Parent/Guardian Representatives:


Provide leadership in pursuit of the Choir School vision, lead and call Executive Board meetings, liaise with TEMC clergy and Church governing committees as needed. Chair communicates with Choir School families, manages issues that arise, serves as a key contact for the Director of Music. Member of the Joint Worship & Music Committee as Choir School representative (this role can also be delegated).


Assists the Chair in any and every capacity. This is considerated a training role for the Chair Position.


Ensure banking protocols are fulfilled, administer payment of tutoring fees, liaise as needed with the Church’s Director of Finance, write year-end summary and submit to the TEMC Finance Office, regularly update Executive Board on financial well-being of the Choir School. Also, monitors operation of Endowment Fund contributions and principal and quarterly interest payments in consultation with Church Accountant.


Maintain minutes of the Executive Board meetings and assists with other communication requirements as needed.


Attends meetings of the Executive and provides general insight through regular interaction with the other Executive members. If desired, initial general membership can develop into more defined roles within the Executive Committee. This provides an opportunity for new members to familiarize themselves with the practices and workings of the Executive Committee before launching into a more responsible position.


If you are interested in any of the above positions, contact the Director of Music, Ms. Elaine Choi.