Sunday School

At Timothy Eaton Memorial Church we are dedicated to passing on the Christian faith to the younger generation.  Our dedicated staff and volunteers look forward to working with your children to strengthen their relationship with God and build a solid Christian foundation for their lives.  The Sunday School program is available for children and youth, Nursery age to Grade 12.

Sunday School Registration & Sign In/Out Procedure

Reminder from Sunday School:

Please remember to register any new children with the Director of Children's Ministries any Sunday morning. Also, we ask that parents come to the classrooms to pick up their younger children, and make sure that the older ones know where to meet you after the service – whether that is in their classroom or somewhere else with your permission to leave. We see every child as precious and want to keep them safe for you!

Feel free to contact Nupur James ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


Sunday School (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12) is offered from September through June during the 9:15 Sunday morning service. Parents of younger children are encouraged to register their child each week in the Atrium. The children stay in the first part of the worship service and leave with their leaders after the Children’s Moment. 

Sunday School proper begins with a joint session in the East Chapel. The children learn faith based songs that help them learn more about Jesus, the books of the Bible, and the “fruit of the Spirit”. The energy that is felt each Sunday morning with lively, happy and giggling children is a wonderful thing.

Our wonderful team of Sunday School teachers base their lessons on Scripture and the Spark: Activate Faith Curriculum. Over the last few years, through this material, it has been wonderful to watch children grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Younger children may then be picked up by their parents at their Sunday School rooms at approximately 10:25 am. Parents are encouraged to have a quick cup of coffee at our Connect Café immediately following the Service.


The growing Youth Class, Grades 9-12, is taught by our Sunday school staff.  It is a wonderful opportunity for young people to get together, continue their learning about Christianity, and ask many questions about how faith fits into life today. The youth additionally participate in weekend retreats and other events throughout the year. 


Nursery:          3rd Floor Nursery

Kindergarten - Grade 1:  3rd Floor Creativity Centre

Grade 2-4:       East Chapel Classrooms

Grade 5-6:       East Chapel Classrooms

Grade 7-8:       3rd Floor Seminar Room

Grade 9-12:     3rd Floor - Ministers Outer Office

Confirmation is that time when a young person accepts for themselves the vows made by their parents at their time of baptism (if he/she was baptised as an infant).  Read More.

Many wonderful and dedicated Volunteers including: Allison Samoluk, Beth Crouse, Lisa Gerstle, Sharon Guinness King, Katie Norman, and Julie O’Rorke.  Their work each Sunday has been so valuable for the extension of God’s kingdom.

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