Youth Gr. 9-12

"We need to let our children's thought-provoking questions push us to greater depths in our own faith. We need their infectious laughter and playfulness to remind usof the joy of a childlike failth. We need to let their creativity and fress eyes capture our imaginations to explore new possibilities and keep us as a community from complacency." 


The Ministry of Youth is extremely passionate about our youth and continuously invites them to take a place within TEMC’s community in a variety of ways.


The teachings and activities provided reinforce the students’ knowledge of the Bible and will provide them the opportunity to apply what they have learned to real life situations.

The classes are offered from September through June. All students start their Sunday morning by registering in the Atrium and then attend 9:15 AM Worship in the nave. Following a part of the service called Children's StorySunday School students in grades 8 to 12 go directly to their third floor classroom.


Confirmands are expected to be a part of the Youth Sunday School program and receive extra instruction through additional classes and a retreat in the spring. Read more.