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Church Council Establishes a Refugee Support Committee as we recognize that it is our calling to assist the more vulnerable and we ask for your prayerful support as we seek to reach to reach out to a world in need.

The Church Council of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church has established a Refugee Support Committee. The mandate of the committee will be to immediately solicit support to help refugees. They will also sponsor a refugee family by working with appropriate agencies to facilitate the arrival of refugees to Canada. In the long-term they will assist other refugees who have come to Canada by working with church agencies to provide on going support as they integrate into Canadian society. 


Read Salma's Story: 



Pictured: Salma (Mother), Lamar and Mayar enjoying the sun at Lake Ontario back in August.

Thanks to those of you who have already offered to be available to spend time with the family. We are considering future directions for the Committee and as a result, remain very interested in hearing from you if you are prepared to spend time or talents to help settle newcomers, regardless of whether you are able to attend committee meetings.

Please identify yourself to the volunteer office or contact me directly by email: martin.tomlinson1987@gmail.com or telephone, 416-949-8993 to discuss needs and how you might help. 

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"In response to the devastation and human displacement that is so present in all of our minds these days, TEMC has formed a Refugee Support Committee. The Committee intends to sponsor a family in great need to bring them into the safety of our community and help them start afresh. To this end, a special TEMC fund has been set up for those who wish to give to refugee relief and sponsorship.

In order to make a difference as soon as possible, 10% of the funds collected up to $20,000 will be sent to the Syria Crisis Fund of the Red Cross and will provide direct aid to refugees and migrants. Donations collected before December 31, 2015 and allocated to the Red Cross will be matched by the federal government of Canada. The balance of funds donated will be dedicated to sponsoring and caring for a refugee family. The Committee is particularly mindful of the plight of Syrian Coptic Christians and will endeavour to help a family from this community. Please make donations payable to TEMC and reference “Refugee Support”. If you are interested in lending time and expertise to this endeavour, we would love to add you to our list of potential volunteers. Please provide your name and contact details to the Volunteer Office 416.925.5977, including an indication of how you might wish to help."

Thank you, Martin Tomlinson, Committee Chair.