We Can Help


Stephen Ministers are caring Christian friends trained to provide one-to-one care by listening, praying and walking with their care receivers through difficult times are trained to help with, but not limited to: life transitions, dealing with loss, illness or other difficult circumstances. Read more.


"Elders" have had an honoured and essentail role in the church since biblical times. At TEMC, the first responsibility of elders is to reflect the congregations interest in and concern for the well-being of its members and adherents. To this end, the elders contact our menbers during the fall and the spring visitations. Read more.


Healing is a natural process enabling us to recover from emotional wounds. Progression should not be rushed, as it varies for each person, so be gentle and patient and allow for thoughts and emotions to come and pass. It is important to not feel guilty and deal with the pain of loss as it’s a necessary part of God’s path to healing. No matter how deep the pain, God can help you find comfort and pray He will bring healing. Read more.


TEMC is located in the heart of Toronto; a central location and historic character make it an ideal setting for meetings, seminars and conferences. From the meeting rooms for large and small groups, to the ample kitchen facilities and the much sought-after Concert Auditorium. Our building is wheelchair accessible. Read more.


The bride arrives at the circa 1910 stone porte-cochere and enters the cathedral-like setting along the thirty-nine metre (127 foot) centre aisle, which can be decorated with candelabra, ribbon and flowers. The crimson-cushioned, dark oak pews will accomodate as many as 800 guests, although most weddings in the sanctuary have been between one to two hundred guests. Read more.