Congregational Visitation

Elders have had an honoured and essential role in the Church since Biblical times. At Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, the first responsibility of elders is to reflect God's love as pastoral care-givers.


The elders contact our members during the Fall and Spring Visitations. The purpose of these visits, whether in homes, at the church, or by telephone, is fourfold. An elder's call is primarily an expression of the church's care and concern for the individuals and families in our congregation.

Elders may report to the ministers, in confidence, pastoral needs and times of celebration, as a well as personal interests and talents of church members. They update basic information for our records, such as address changes, births, and deaths.

Elders call to help members to keep abreast of decisions and events affecting the congregation, and to encourage participation in the life of the church, not only through attendance at Sunday services, but also in one or more of the many groups, committees, and fellowship events that help bind us together as a community of faith, and through the contribution of time, talents, and resources.

The elders at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church are people of faith and dedication who share a long-standing commitment to Christ's Church. Some attributes that have led to effective discipleship are: regular attendance at worship; the gift of relating to people in a positive way; knowledge of events and opportunities for service in the church; study; and participation in the life of our congregation. 

Our elders are respected members of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, commissioned by the congregation to take a leadership role in maintaining the church as a vital instrument of God's love.

In addition to visitation, the elders participate in the serving of Holy Communion.