Grief Counseling

Healing is a natural process enabling us to recover from emotional wounds. Progression should not be rushed, as it varies for each person, so be gentle and patient and allow for thoughts and emotions to come and pass.

It is important to not feel guilty and deal with the pain of loss as it’s a necessary part of God’s path to healing. No matter how deep the pain, God can help you find comfort and pray He will bring healing.

New Beginnings is for a small group of people dealing with loss. The group meets weekly, however, if you choose one-on-one time with The Rev. Dr. Jean Hunnisett, please contact her directly.

When: Tuesdays (Beginning in September)

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Room: Boardroom, Room 113

For more information: The Rev. Dr. Jean Hunnisett, 416.925.8494 ext. 232

*Everything Discussed is Confidential