Stephen Ministry

There are times when each of us needs care of another person. TEMC is enrolled in the Stephen Ministry, a complete and continuing system of training to equip and empower lay caregivers - called Stephen Ministers - to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting.



This program prepares Stephen Ministers to provide one-to-one pastoral care to our members who are experiencing special needs and circumstances. Those receiving care can be sure that their identity and what happens in the caring relationship will remain private.




Each Stephen Minister has received extensive training by our Stephen Leaders, and has been commissioned by our congregation with men ministering to men and women ministering to women. Stephen Ministers participate in regular support, supervision and continuing education under the guidance of our Stephen Leaders.




Stephen Ministers are caring Christian friends trained to provide one-to-one care by listening, praying and walking with their care receivers through difficult times are trained to help with, but not limited to: life transitions, dealing with loss, illness or other difficult circumstances.

You’ll appreciate being a Stephen Minister if you enjoy the following:

  • Expanding your knowledge and skills
  • Planting a seed of hope and healing in a person whose life seems barren
  • Being part of a team of nice, talented and motivated people

Our congregation at TEMC is in need of committed members to be Stephen Ministers, walking in Christian love and caring alongside someone in a time of trouble or distress. Our thriving Stephen Ministry has more people asking for Stephen Ministers than we have Stephen Ministers to assign to them. Please think and pray about taking part. Speak with The Rev. Dr. Jean Hunnisett about whether becoming a Stephen Minister is the right path for you.

New Classes Start:    Currently Ongoing

Time:                           1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Location:                    Seminar Room, 308

Contact:                     The Rev. Dr. Jean Hunnisett, Minister of Pastoral Care,

               416-925-8494, ext. 232,