Worship at TEMC

At Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, a congregation of The United Church of Canadaadults, children and families find a lively and engaging setting where they can participate in activities that contribute to a richer and fuller life.

We invite you to join Sunday worship, led by The Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling, Senior Minister. We are accessible* by all modes of transportation. For those who are not local, you may choose to listen live at 9:15 and 11am E.S.T. or find a past sermon. You may also view our Order of Service, posted each Friday, prior to Sunday worship.






At Timothy Eaton Memorial Church we proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in services of worship where God's word is preached and the sacraments celebrated. In other expressions of worship, we provide and share learning opportunities in the Christian way of life for all persons. We continually support one another through pastoral care and concern, counselling, and group activities which provide opportunities for Christian service and other expressions of Christian friendship.


We believe in reaching out to help meet local and global needs through our own programs and through the support of and participation in wider Church and community programs. We seek out opportunities to share our common quest for the ultimate meaning in life with other Christians and, where possible, with persons of other faiths. As members and adherents, we shall strive to express a Christian lifestyle in all our relationships to deepen our Christian concern for Christ's rule of love in our world and to become more responsible stewards of our time and of our human and material resources.


Members of TEMC who are unable to attend weekly worship gather in the sanctuary three times a year for Homecoming Worship. All members of the congregation are invited to these services to show our love and caring for our members who are in care setting or have special needs. TEMC volunteers can provide transportation, if needed.


We are committed to strengthen children’s and young adult’s relationship with God by offering weekly Sunday School morning classes and for your convenience, we also offer infant and toddler care during Sunday services as well.


*The nave is wheelchair accessible through entrances through Dunvegan Road or the parking lot off Warren Road. 

Check out: TEMC Calendar for upcoming events