Broadcast Services

Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, a congregation of The United Church of Canada, is reaching a greater audience than ever before by allowing members to worship from anywhere in the world. We have decided to embrace this option and use it to spread Sunday morning messages and teachings to anyone, anywhere. In addition to live broadcasts, TEMC offers audio recordings for those who missed the last Sunday service. You may also complete a search for your favourite sermon. These options allows for our community to remain engaged and connected at anytime during the week.


Click here to listen to live broadcasts


Why do we broadcast Sunday Services? 


COMMUNITY - Many search for churches to make them feel part of a community. TEMC is now able to reach out to these people and help them feel connected and supported.

PHYSICAL & HEALTH - Members who are physically not capable or are no longer able to attend due to their health, stay connected. We do not want to overlook these peopel as they need the care and companionship our ministers can provide. 

WORK REQUIREMENTS - People are travelling now more than ever before due to their responsibilities at their workplace. Members who are far away from their home and community often need the connection we can provide.

RETURNING TO CHURCH - There have been instances where past members have listened to the broadcasted services and end up returning to TEMC. They are reminded that they could be part of a vibrant yet intimate community.

GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATIONS - Live broadcasting has helped us reach people from outside our community, all over the world.