Youth Ministries

"We need to let our children's thought-provoking questions push us to greater depths in our own faith. We need their infectious laughter and playfulness to remind us of the joy of a childlike faith. We need to let their creativity and fresh eyes capture our imaginations to explore new possibilities and keep us, as a community, from complacency."  

- Katherine Selby


A very long time ago before churches, ministers and Bibles, the people of faith called upon God, trusted in God and experienced God’s intervention in their lives. The interventions were so powerful and life changing, that these people would mark the occasions by building altars to worship God and by telling the stories of this God. The telling and retelling of these stories eventually came to serve as the means for transmitting the faith from one generation to the next.

We have experienced God’s provision, forgiveness and care. We have seen God’s transformation in our lives. We have our communal stories of faith and we have our individual stories of faith that must to be shared. We have the words of life within us and the younger generation needs to hear our stories.

”We are a sacred community comprised of grandparents, parents, siblings and children of the faith who gather to worship the One who has transformed our lives. This community is marked by generosity, compassion, forgiveness and inclusion. We invite the younger generation to take their place in the community as we share our stories."



The Ministry of Youth is extremely passionate about our youth and continuously invites them to take a place within TEMC’s community in a variety of ways: